Canoe, barbecue and see you soon!


On our last whole day together, on Saturday, we started the day with a canoeing tour from Schoden to Kanzem. It was the first day of the week where we could sleep a little longer since we only had to meet up at 10am at the riverbank of the Saar. When everyone arrived, everyone was given a life jacket for safety, a paddle and in groups of four (except the teachers in groups of two) everyone took a canoe to the place where we could start our tour.
Taking the boats to this place could be considered a pre-workout since it went up and down all the time. Before we went in the water, two guides explained how to use the paddle and what rules we must follow, such as what signs to use to communicate on the water. After the explanation, we could get in the water one boat after the other.

Instructions in English

The canoe tour was a lot of fun even though some people were a little bit scared of falling in the water while others stood up or even switched places. During our tour we could view the beautiful landscape and even see many kinds of animals and learn more about them. Canoeing required good communication and challenged our team work abilities. Luckily everyone made it safe to our destination and nobody ended up in the water. After taking out the boats and paddles, we had to clean every boat with a sponge. The weather decided to help us clean since it started to rain just when we were out of the water. When we were finished with cleaning up, our instructor told us some things about the river, how it’s a protected area and why it’s so important to not disturb the environment there, so the animals and plants can live peacefully in their natural habitat.

After our exhausting morning we had a few hours at home in the host families to eat, sleep and rest.

Later in the evening was our last activity together, the BBQ party in Pellingen, where we could bring our families and friends. When everyone arrived the teachers from all the countries had a big speech about the week and the whole experience, a big thank you and a big see you soon. Everyone enjoyed the party and had a lot of fun playing football, dancing, eating the delicious food or just talking while listening to the music.

Party in Pellingen!
Trying „Stockbrot“ for the first time
The biggest grill our guests have ever seen!

Sadly this evening had to come to an end too and it was time to say our final goodbyes. It was a very emotional scene and many of us shed a few tears. Everyone was sad that the week was over and we would have to return to our countries and our normal lives. After many hugs and “I‘m going to miss you“s, some had to leave and some stayed until the very end while everything was cleaned up. Our Erasmus+ week in Germany had a bittersweet ending since we had such a great time together and it was even harder to say goodbye to each other. But lucky for us this isn’t the end because this was only one of our three exciting adventures and in a few months it’s time to see each other again!!!!

Tearful good byes

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